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  • Tufts faculty members including Signe Peterson Flieger, Tufts Health Plan Professor of Health Care Policy Research, give their take on Trump's State of the Union address and what it means for the country going forward.

  • What are the hidden health costs, though, that might not be reported immediately, but which are a result of a natural disaster?

  • Two Tufts alumni contributed to research providing a critical clue into the mysterious cause of the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history

  • Researchers from Tufts Public Health and the School of Engineering are investigating ways to improve indoor air quality in multifamily housing built near major roadways and highways.

  • Physician and author John Rich talks in a Tufts podcast about how the health-care system needs to realign how it thinks about victims of trauma

  • Tufts writers look back over the year and talk about the stories that meant the most to them in 2018

  • Joints, edibles, pills and even lotions—no matter how it’s packaged, 22.2 million Americans report consuming marijuana in the past month. Legalization of marijuana is a hotly debated topic in the United States that dates back to the early 1900s, first with the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act and later with the anti-marijuana film “Reefer Madness.” Fast forward nearly 100 years when Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize recreational use of the drug in 2012. Today several more states have followed with similar legislation. In Massachusetts, November 20th marked the first day of legal sales of recreational marijuana.

  • Dean Aviva Must sitting with two students

    Aviva Must, Dean of Public Health & Professional Degree programs, discusses how trust in science is being eroded but how with continued advocacy, science can resume its historical key role in policymaking, public health, and public service.

  • Jake Livengood giving a presentation

    Give Jake Livengood an unexpected scenario and he is sure to improvise a solution within seconds. The new director of career services, who joined the Tufts Public Health community in July, brings a love and talent for improv comedy that he uses to help students navigate the uncertainties of the job search.