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A single individual can be an agent of change, says Pritesh Gandhi, A04, M10, MPH10. That lesson, reinforced by his Tufts education, is propelling the MD/MPH alumni to run for a seat in Congress.

Hospital hallway

After hearing rhetoric that immigrants, particularly undocumented immigrants, are a burden to our health-care system, Lila Flavin, M19, decided to look at the data and find out the truth.

Emergency room staff wheeling a patient to an operating room.

Gun violence continues to have reverberating effects on our communities and our nation. The CDC reports that every day, eighty-three children in the U.S. are injured or killed by firearms. But there is hope. Gun violence is a public health issue, amenable to the tools and methods of disease prevention.

Featured Graduate Programs

  • The Tufts University Master of Public Health Program arms you with the academic foundation and practical skills you need to make a difference in the community and around the globe.
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    The online Master of Science in Informatics & Analytics provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to start or advance a career in the emerging field of health informatics and analytics.
  • Extend your studies and expand your career horizons with one of the many dual-degree programs in public health offered at Tufts School of Medicine.

Tufts University School of Medicine’s Public Health Programs bring together groundbreaking academics and research, diverse fieldwork, and a collaborative, intimate learning approach that fosters new ideas and critical thinking. Our graduates are working locally and around the world to address a range of critical health and public health challenges.

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