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  • Bigotry is both virulent and contagious, causing damage and spreading from person to person, and both victims of bigotry and bigots are harmed

  • Tufts medical professor co-wrote policy saying that corporal punishment harms children and doesn’t work

  • Veterans at Tufts—faculty, staff, students, and alumni—talk about what being in the armed services means to them

  • Invisible particles in the air are responsible for three of the top ten causes of ill health and death worldwide, warns a new book by Doug Brugge, a professor of public health and community medicine at Tufts School of Medicine.

  • Across the globe and around Tufts’ campuses, these ten students did research, volunteered, interned—and earned some money

  • Rob Mack and Joyce Sackey bring a breadth of experience to their new roles as chief diversity officers for Tufts

  • Technological innovation, expansion of the use of frontline personnel such as community health workers, and rapid increases in health care financing are likely to be instrumental to achieving universal health care (UHC) in countries around the world, according to a new analysis.

  • A new study finds that immigrants pay in much more for health care than they use.

  • In her class address, Public Health Student Senate president Kamisha Charles said she was first attracted to Tufts by this line in the medical school’s mission statement: “To serve and advocate for all people, especially underserved and vulnerable patients and populations.” And in the current national climate, as more and more people’s rights are being infringed on, “advocacy has never been more urgent or important,” she said.