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Careers & Outcomes


Real-World Education with Real Results

At Career Services, we’re all about providing the guidance, knowledge, and tools you need to plan your next move into a job or further education. In all our services, whether it's mock interviews, resume reviews, or insights into different employers and industries, we help you learn the language of business so your resumes pop to get the interview, and your interviews excel to land the job or academic program of your choice. While faculty are teaching you the skills to do the job you desire, we are teaching you the hiring processes, how to speak of the skills you have gained, who the various players in hiring are, and how to best maneuver the hiring landscape to get the job you desire. We’re by your side, helping you move your career forward.

Support that Starts on Day One

Helping students advance their careers is a Tufts hallmark and an integral part of the student experience. From the moment you step on campus, you’ll have access to the full resources of our Career Services office, and you’ll work with a staff that provides guidance throughout your program. And as Tufts alumni, you’ll have access to these services until you retire.

Employer Relationships

We enjoy longstanding relationships with organizations and companies on the lookout for bright, talented professionals. This diverse employer network – which includes organizations like the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Abt Associates, Children's Hospital, and RTI International - means more options for our graduates to find the next job in their rewarding careers.

Our Services

We support students and alumni in their goal for meaningful careers through education, coaching, and building career connections.

Because I value real world experience more than academic learning, I focused heavily on extracurricular activities. Each semester, with Career Services’ help, I was able to find great internship and volunteer opportunities. And together with Career Services and the help of my program faculty, I was able to find an ALE that was really rewarding. - Qi Yao (MPH 2017)

99% of our 2018 MPH graduating class was employed or continuing their education within one year of graduation. Based on survey responses and public profiles.
Doina Iliescu and Katie Donovan

Career Services

136 Harrison Avenue
1st Floor, Rooms 117 & 118
Boston, MA 02111

Katie Donovan
Director of Career Services

Doina Iliescu
Assistant Director of Career Services