Faculty Focus

Tufts combines scientific expertise with an understanding of social conditions to combat a waterborne scourge in Ghana.

More than 260 million people worldwide suffer from schistosomiasis, which is caused by a tiny flatworm commonly found in water supplies. It’s a disease of poverty; although it can be prevented and cured, it persists in many parts of the world.

For nearly a decade, Karen Kosinski, assistant professor of Public Health and Community Medicine, has studied schistosomiasis in Ghana where it is a major health concern, especially for children. With seed funding from the Tufts Institute for Innovation, Karen and a team from Tufts has been investigating how infrastructure problems and other often-overlooked factors have made this disease so intractable.

Watch a video about the work that Tufts faculty and students are doing to find innovative solutions to schistosomiasis.

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