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Lisa Shmerling

MPH Student Lisa Carron Shmerling on Returning to School After 50

After practicing law for more than half her life, a longtime dream of a career in policy led Lisa Carron Shmerling to TUSM’s Master of Public Health Program. She left behind the security of a network of colleagues and core competencies to embark on graduate school life from a different perspective than the one she had three decades earlier. This time around, Lisa was faced with shifting family dynamics, including running into daughter Alison, MD/MPH, in the halls, and the challenges of today’s wireless academia. Yet she felt a deeper connection to her professors and despite the age gap, built meaningful relationships with fellow students.

Lisa writes: “So for me, the real question is less about ‘what are you going to do with the degree.’ It is more about ‘what did you experience on your journey?’ And to that I would answer ‘joy and a sense of fulfillment.’”

Read more about Lisa’s journey of returning to school after age 50 in Boston Globe Magazine.

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