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Our students are engaged. Experienced. Passionate. They are changemakers committed to making a difference. Read their stories, and think about how you might make your mark as a graduate student in public health.

Rima Desai, MPH'18
Building on her Tufts experience, Rima Desai (MPH ‘18) is leveraging data and digital marketing to improve patient communication.
Rima Desai
MPH, Behavioral Science and Health Communication
Harsha Amaravadi, MPH'17
Tufts empowered Harsha Amaravadi (MPH ‘17) to transform her love for biology into a career dedicated to shaping innovative new Medicare policies.
Harsha Amaravadi
MPH, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Jared Shinabery, MPH'14
Jared Shinabery (MPH ‘14) discovered his niche at Tufts – and found a career at the intersection of communications and public health.
Jared Shinabery
MPH, Health Communication
Gillian Javetski, MPH'12
Gillian Javetski (MPH ‘12) is using her Tufts experience to help develop health technology systems for communities all over the world.
Gillian Javetski
MPH, Health Services Management and Policy
Vishakha Ramakrishnan, MPH'16
How Vishakha Ramakrishnan’s (MPH ‘16) love of data and passion for community health paved a path to the Centers for Disease Control.
Vishakha Ramakrishnan
MPH, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Rahul Kulkarni, MPH'10
Tufts empowered Rahul Kulkarni (MPH ‘10) to bridge the gap between cultural sensitivity and mental wellness, and led him to launch an innovative wellness company.
Rahul Kulkarni
MPH, Health Services Management and Policy
Neal Jawadekar
I am a Big Data Engineer at Predilytics, a healthcare analytics company located in Burlington, Massachusetts. Predilytics provides analytics solutions to health plans, providers, and other risk-bearing entities. We aim to help healthcare organizations make more informed decisions through our reports and analyses.
Neal Jawadekar
Tawny Wilson
I am an epidemiologist at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Bureau of Community Health and Prevention. Through surveillance activities, data collection and reporting, I define need and support change that creates and sustains healthy environments where people live, work and play. My work is primarily focused in two populations: older adults and people with disabilities. My work spans to other areas including chronic disease, violence and injury prevention, and oral health.
Tawny Wilson
I am the Director of the Community Building Unit of the Massachusetts Office for Refugees and Immigrants (ORI). ORI is the state agency tasked with oversight of the resettlement process for individuals and families fleeing to safer ground from persecution, war, and other threats. In this role I wear a lot of hats: I have significant fiscal, programmatic and staffing oversight serving to support the resettlement and post resettlement social adjustment needs of approximately 2,500 refugees per year.
Diane M. Randolph
Pamela Ressler
I am the founder of Stress Resources in Concord, MA, a firm devoted to building resilience in individuals and organizations through strategies of connection, communication, and compassion. I am now also an adjunct faculty member in the Pain Research, Education and Policy program at Tufts, teaching courses in ethical and sociocultural aspects of pain, palliative and end of life, as well as a new course in public health applications of mindfulness in the experience of chronic pain and illness. It is wonderful to have come full circle from student in the MS-PREP program to now a faculty member.
Pamela Ressler