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Tufts Public Health

Remote Learning for MPH in Fall 2020

Laptop, smart phone, notebook and coffee mug with Tufts logo are spread out on a bed where it looks like someone was studying

The School of Medicine has determined that all MPH coursework offered in fall 2020 will be delivered remotely.  By moving to remote instruction, we hope to provide you with the flexibility to decide when and how to relocate to Boston without compromising your health or your budgets. Since we are located in the heart of an urban center, this decision also allows for more effective social distancing and will contribute to city-wide efforts to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 and to protecting the health our community and our neighbors.

Learn More about Fall 2020

    • Remote Learning Experience Webinar

      In mid-July we hosted a webinar to share why we chose remote learning, how faculty are designing fall courses, and what extracurricular options are being developed. (Note you will need to login to your application portal.)
    • Virtual Visit Class Tours

      Register for a virtual visit to have a one-on-one personalized "tour" of the remote learning environment actively being used for summer classes via Zoom and hosted by the Admissions Office.


    Remote Learning at Tufts

    Many of our faculty have experience teaching remote classes as well as in-person classes. They are very familiar with the guiding principles surrounding course design and development in a virtual environment. While we are moving to virtual offerings under emergency circumstances, we are not rushing. We will be very thoughtful about making sure the classes and student experience we offer in the fall take full advantage of a remote learning environment. That is one of the reasons we have made this decision in May; we want our faculty and staff to have the time needed to plan to offer you the best experience possible. This includes:

    • Synchronous (meaning “live”) and asynchronous (on your own time) course content which gives you some more flexibility in completing classwork.
    • Interactive coursework that uses technology to deepen your understanding—things like video case studies, electronic whiteboards, virtual field trips, and interviews or lectures from guest public health leaders.
    • Videoconferencing that allows for full class participation during instruction. You’ll see your classmates and professor, and they will see you. You can ask questions live during class, and discuss class topics with your classmates in integrated, small video breakout groups.
    • Remote access support for other connections. You can participate in small study groups via video chat. We will provide support for extracurriculars like journal clubs and film clubs. Our Student Senate will continue to host virtual meetups and events like trivia, bingo, and movie nights. We will host research seminars remotely.

    FAQ About Remote Learning

    We have always prioritized the close interactions between students and faculty and the active engagement of students in the classroom, and that has not changed. We are creating a comparable remote experience now; as a member of the Tufts community you will be able to interact with instructors and each other in multiple ways throughout the semester.
    Dr. Tony Schlaff and Dr. Susan Koch-Weser, Public Health Program Leadership