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Tufts Public Health

Jamie Tessler

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine
Department: Public Health & Community Medicine
Programs: Public Health

Jamie Tessler

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine
Department: Public Health & Community Medicine
Programs: Public Health

Phone 617-620-9543
Campus: Boston


Jamie Tessler is an occupational ergonomist and safety professional with extensive experience in a wide range of industries. In the research field, Jamie has designed tools to measure musculoskeletal exposures among healthcare workers in prospective epidemiologic studies, and safety management systems among construction subcontractors. She has designed a wide range of evidence-based safety training programs across the literacy spectrum, encompassing both occupational and environmental hazards from industrial and organizational processes. Jamie is specifically interested in the role of gender in the design of human-computer workstations and the unique hazards faced by immigrant and other vulnerable workers.


  • MS, Occupational Ergonomics and Safety, University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • MPH, Hunter College School of Health Sciences/CUNY

Research synopsis

Occupational ergonomics, prevention through design, gender and workstation design, safety management systems, safety climate, health and safety of healthcare workers, interventions to promote comprehensive injury prevention programs in healthcare facilities.


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