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  • HCOM faculty members posing for a picture

    Catch up on news from the Tufts Public Health Faculty: awards, publications, grants, media coverage, books, and more.

  • A panel of three alumni

    Updates from Alumni from Tufts Public Health programs including MPH, HCOM, MD/MBA, PREP and PA.

  • Tufts photographers share their favorite images from the university’s campuses and beyond

  • Hilary Binda at Tufts

    The new program, in collaboration with Bunker Hill Community College, offers prisoners at MCI-Concord a chance to earn a college degree. Fernando Ona, a clinical associate professor in the Department of Public Health and Community Medicine at the School of Medicine, is one of the faculty members who will be teaching in the program next year.

  • Bigotry is both virulent and contagious, causing damage and spreading from person to person, and both victims of bigotry and bigots are harmed

  • Tufts medical professor co-wrote policy saying that corporal punishment harms children and doesn’t work

  • Tufts’ Loan Repayment Assistance Program has aided thousands of alumni working in the nonprofit and public sectors

  • Veterans at Tufts—faculty, staff, students, and alumni—talk about what being in the armed services means to them

  • To combat bias, doctors need to understand where patients are coming from, physician and author John Rich told Tufts medical students.