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  • a woman and two men in Gillette Stadium

    The Patriots Foundation contributes $10,000 to the student-run health project in honor of Kelly Ohlrich, MBS18, M22.

  • A husband and wife hold two young girls in a park.

    A single individual can be an agent of change, says Pritesh Gandhi, A04, M10, MPH10. That lesson, reinforced by his Tufts education, is propelling the MD/MPH alumni to run for a seat in Congress.

  • Emergency room staff wheeling a patient to an operating room.

    Gun violence continues to have reverberating effects on our communities and our nation. The CDC reports that every day, eighty-three children in the U.S. are injured or killed by firearms. But there is hope. Gun violence is a public health issue, amenable to the tools and methods of disease prevention.

  • Caroline Genco, new Tufts vice provost for research, in her office.

    Caroline Genco, the Arthur E. Spiller Professor and chair of the Department of Immunology at Tufts University School of Medicine, will be the new vice provost for research at Tufts University, starting October 1.

  • John Castellot, Director of the Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences Program

    John Castellot, the Director of the MBS Program reflects on the history of the program and the legacy of it's founding Director Alvar Gustafson, who sadly passed away in fall of 2018. He also gives a glimpse of what’s next for the program and how the its evolving to meet several important challenges.

  • A shot being administered in the arm

    The anti-vaccine movement has shed light on a debate between personal autonomy and public health. Many states offer religious and personal exemptions for families who choose not to vaccinate their children, but these exemptions have many public health officials wondering where we draw the line between individual liberties and community safety.

  • Janice Gilkes, Assistant Dean of Student Services

    Janice Gilkes, who started at Tufts Public Health in 2011 as the Registrar, was recently named the new Assistant Dean of Student Services.

  • Nina Leifer, MPH'18

    Nina Leifer, MPH’18, shares how her search for an Applied Learning Experience project led her to the field of emergency management and her first job.

  • Omar Yaghi, MPH’17, was inspired to pursue an MPH after witnessing a near fatal accident at a hospital in Bahrain. Now he’s part of the Quality and Patient Safety team at Tufts Medical Center and investigates patient safety issues to determine what went wrong and how physicians and the hospital system can best link current research with practice to improve quality of care.