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  • An infographic summarizing the "Healthy Food Incentives" scenario modeled in the new study on healthy food prescriptions in Medicare/Medicaid

    New study finds that health insurance coverage for healthy food could improve health, reduce healthcare costs, and be highly cost-effective after five years.

  • Neuroscientist Klaus Miczek is working on stopping the brain system that creates a craving for alcohol and drugs under stress.

  • two dads playing blocks with their child

    A new study finds that two-father families still face discrimination, especially in states and settings that offer fewer legal and social protections

  • Test tubes in a tray in a lab

    Center for Integrated Management of Antimicrobial Resistance to leverage strengths of the university and medical center to research mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance and develop new strategies for treatment and education

  • Phil Haydon on his yacht

    Phil Haydon was just fifteen years old when he suffered a severe brain injury that resulted in post-traumatic epilepsy. Today he’s the Chair of Tufts School of Medicine’s Department of Neuroscience, and in November of 2021 he plans to set sail from Boston and circumnavigate the globe on a fifty-foot yacht to raise awareness and money for epilepsy research.

  • Snapchat ghost

    Why has the rate of teenage depression and anxiety doubled in a generation? A School of Medicine psychiatry professor says the answer is in our pockets.

  • The covers of three graphic novels in the medical genre

    Hirsh Health Sciences Library recently unveiled a new section devoted to graphic novels that tackle health-care issues as diverse as Alzheimer’s disease, childhood trauma, and eating disorders.

  • Hospital hallway

    After hearing rhetoric that immigrants, particularly undocumented immigrants, are a burden to our health-care system, Lila Flavin, M19, decided to look at the data and find out the truth.

  • Tufts faculty members including Signe Peterson Flieger, Tufts Health Plan Professor of Health Care Policy Research, give their take on Trump's State of the Union address and what it means for the country going forward.