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Winter Book Recommendations

Photo: Ingimage
Tuesday, December 1, 2020

As the nights get longer, there’s a natural inclination to want to curl up and read a good book. Add to that a lack of good options for getting out and about during this pandemic, and you’ve got perfect conditions for some serious reading.

We have a wide range of books, as usual. In fiction, new and topical novels are cheek by jowl with the classics (here’s looking at you, Jane Austen). In nonfiction, we’ve got everything from biographies and memoirs (from Longfellow to Tegan and Sara) to travel narratives, to books about maritime disasters, race in America, and the CIA in the world.

Be sure to also check out the recommendations from a lively group of Tufts authors—faculty and alumni—in our new Bookish series, as they chat about the books that they are reading and the ones they keep going back to.

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