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Tufts Public Health

A message to admitted public health students from Dean Must

Dean Aviva Must meets at a table with two MPH students.
Dean Aviva Must meets with public health students last summer.
Monday, April 13, 2020

To our prospective and admitted students,

We recognize the ongoing global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus continues to have a significant and ever-evolving impact, particularly on those of you who were in the middle of applying to graduate school, or who are planning to apply in the near future. Tufts University and the Public Health programs remain fully engaged in our mission to prepare students for careers in public health practice—the importance of which has never been clearer. And although our community has been disrupted, our ties to each other and to our shared values and goals are unwavering.

Thank you for your continued interest in becoming part of that community. I want to assure you that we also remain fully committed to supporting the students in our programs, and I hope that you will join them in the coming weeks and months. Here are the ways we are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic that affect new students:

Online Classes. We will be holding all planned summer coursework in an online format to remove the need for students to move to Boston or come to campus while state-and city-wide physical distancing policies may still be in place.

We have learned much from the process of successfully creating and launching online programs during the past year, which has been very beneficial in our emergency transition to online learning for our current MPH students this spring. Because our teaching and learning community is close-knit, faculty are continually gaining insight from each other and we are always monitoring our online curriculum and technology to ensure the most engaging and educational experience for students possible.

Application Process. Starting last fall, we updated our admissions policies so that submitting official GRE sores is now optional for students applying to the MPH program. If you are concerned about disruptions in testing centers, you will not need to worry about taking the GRE or other graduate entrance exam to apply to our program. In addition, our Admissions team is dedicated to working individually with each applicant to assist you in completing application requirements and making accommodations where necessary. If you would like to talk about your options, contact the Public Health admissions staff directly for help.

Deadline Flexibility. We have extended our deadline for students applying to the on-campus MPH program until June 1, and will continue to reassess the situation as changes occur. If you are an admitted student and are concerned about accepting our offer by your reply deadline, please contact our Public Health admissions staff directly for help.

Current events are shining a light on public health and its potential monumental impact on individuals and populations. Health equity and social justice considerations become more evident and heartbreaking as this crisis unfolds.

This pandemic requires us as a society to grapple with some profound ethical issues, and as our society continues to explore and enact policies related to these issues, public health expertise with the kind of social justice focus we practice at Tufts are more imperative than ever.

I hope that you choose to come to Tufts for your public health studies, and I am confident we will serve your educational and professional goals with dedication and the excellence that is a hallmark of a Tufts education no matter the obstacles we face.

Aviva Must, Ph.D.
Dean, Public Health Programs & Professional Degree Programs
Tufts University School of Medicine