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Teaching the Great Diseases

The Teaching the Great Diseases program is graduate education made just for teachers

The Teaching the Great Diseases program allows high school biology teachers to access cutting edge biomedical sciences through a series of online graduate-level courses. Teaching the Great Diseases brings together authentic scientific reasoning and graduate-level content into a series of mini-courses, so teachers can learn exactly what they want to learn without spending time on content that they don’t need. Our courses are flexible, short-duration and affordable! We offer limited scholarships each semester.

Mini-courses in the Teaching the Great Diseases program parallel a high school biology curriculum (called The Great Diseases) built by biomedical researchers in collaboration with high school teachers. Transfer the content and pedagogy you learn, directly to your classrooms with a proven, free curriculum!

Teaching the Great Diseases Faculty & Staff

Berri Jacque, PhD

Revati Masilamani, PhD