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PA Admissions & Tuition

The Tufts University School of Medicine Physician Assistant (TUSM PA) Program enrolls students in JANUARY of each year. Decisions are made on a rolling basis.

Be sure to read through the requirements for our program.

The next admissions cycle will open up in April 26, 2018.

Learn more below about how to apply and what happens after you apply.

How to Apply

The CASPA Application Portal will open April 26, 2018, at which time applicants for January 2019 may begin an application. Applicants should fill in the academic history section as soon as you begin the application process to allow CASPA to match incoming materials with an application. Do not submit the application until all final transcripts are received.

Please note that the TUSM PA Program has a Green Deadline, August 1, 2018 (See CASPA's deadline definitions).  Applicants should aim to have all items submitted by July 1, 2018 in order to meet the "verified-by" deadline of August 1st.

Applications must meet CASPA and Tufts requirements:

a.) CASPA requirements for verification:

  • Application e-submitted in CASPA with application fee paid
  • Resume/CV is uploaded
  • Patient Care Document found in CASPA is completed
  • All official transcripts received by CASPA
  • Minimum of two letters of recommendation received by CASPA

b.) Tufts requirements (not required for verification, but must be received by CASPA by August 1st):

  • 3rd letter of recommendation
  • Official GRE/MCAT Scores
  • TOEFL Scores (if required)

Once an application meets CASPA and Tufts application requirements AND has been confirmed by the PA Admissions Office, then the application will be sent to the PA Admissions Committee for review.

Special Note: May 2018 graduates MUST:

  • E-submit and submit an official final transcript to CASPA before July 1st even if it may not have a degree conferral date yet. This allows the process of application verification to begin. The applicant should call CASPA customer service to check whether the transcript received includes the date of degree conferral. If it does not, the applicant should request a second, updated transcript with degree conferral date be sent to CASPA no later than August 1. This updated transcript will be loaded to the application and the PA Admissions Office will check that the degree has been conferred, allowing the applicant to move forward to the prerequisite review process.
  • Call the PA Admissions Office at 617-636-0935 notifying them of their status so that a note of the exception can be made in their CASPA record.

See below for more information about the application materials.

Application Requirements

After You Apply

Application review and decisions occurs on a rolling basis, and will extend only to those completed applications meeting the deadline. 

Physician Assistant Tuition and Fees

The following tuition rates are for 2018 – 2019 academic year* and apply to students enrolled in the Physician Assistant (PA) program starting their career in the Public Health and Professional Degree Programs in Spring 2019.


$15,834 per semester (flat-rate)


$268 per semester

The current academic year's cost of attendance budget (including not only tuition, but room and board, health insurance, books etc.) is available from the Office of Financial Aid.

* Tuition rates and fees are effective as of July 2018. Note that program cost is set each academic year (June to May) and typically increases a small amount from year-to-year. The Trustees of Tufts University reserve the right to change tuition rates or fees at their discretion.

GRE (quantitative) percentile from 2017 PA Program Admission cycle
GRE (verbal) percentile from 2017 PA Program Admission cycle

PA Program Director & Staff

Beth Buyea, DHS, PA-C,
Program Director

Christina McCormack, MS, RD, LD
Program Manager

136 Harrison Ave.
M&V Suite 207
Boston, MA 02111