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Health Informatics & Analytics

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Combining health care knowledge with IT and data skills. 

High quality data and information play a crucial role in all sectors of health care and population health systems, and the need for individuals qualified to manage and analyze health data has never been greater. The Tufts master’s degree and certificate in Health Informatics & Analytics programs will train professionals to harness the power of data to understand and improve human health. 

Health informatics and analytics is an interdisciplinary field that lies at the intersection of healthcare IT, information management and data science. The Tufts Health Informatics & Analytics program provides students with knowledge and skills needed to start or advance a successful career in healthcare, public health, health information management, health data science, health informatics and analytics.   

The program will provide instruction on the principles governing how health data is collected, handled and analyzed, and students will learn how to: 

•    Navigate health systems with a focus on its digital components;
•    manage information needed and produced by such systems;
•    analyze health data to yield meaningful information; and
•    effectively utilize and communicate health information.

Students will also develop a broad and deep understanding of various informatic systems including electronic health records (EHR) and ancillary health information systems, as well as analytics tools for data, information and knowledge acquisition, processing and use in healthcare, public health and research.

Graduates from both master’s and certificate programs in Health Informatics & Analytics find careers as analysts in several fields including clinical, business, technical, application, and security. Graduates also find careers as project managers, Chief Information Officers or Chief Medical Information Officers. Individuals interested in health informatics are not limited to working in a hospital or hospital system. They also may be employed with consultant companies, vendors, providers, suppliers, government agencies and even organizations creating the new electronic healthcare systems and technologies being sought by healthcare systems.

MS in Health Informatics & Analytics

The Master of Science in Health Informatics & Analytics is a 36-credit online program that provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to start or advance a career in the emerging field of health informatics and analytics.

Certificate in Health Informatics & Analytics

The Certificate in Health Informatics & Analytics is a five-course online program that provides professionals with a solid set of basic competencies necessary to understand the health informatics and analytics sectors and advance their careers.

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Health Informatics & Analytics Program Director

Anna Orlova, PhD
Program Director