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The Tufts School of Medicine Physician Assistant (PA) Program and the Public Health Program offers a combined PA/MPH degree track for interested students. The goal of this program is to blend the clinical skills learned in training to be a PA with a thorough understanding of public health concepts such as global health, epidemiology, community health needs, and health education. Graduates of the PA/MPH degree track are equipped to become superb clinicians with the analytical skills and public health foundational knowledge required to assess the health needs of a community, develop health education programs, participate in clinical or community-based research, or become faculty at health profession training programs. Upon completion of the PA/MPH degree track, students will receive two master's degrees: a Master of Medical Science (MMS) from the PA Program and a Master of Public Health (MPH) from the Public Health Program.

Our PA/MPH dual degree graduates are trained to view health and healthcare from a broader perspective. Graduates of this program are currently working at hospitals and community based office setting combining both their medical and public health knowledge to care for patients, assess community factors that may be impacting the health of the patient population, develop community based-programs, and participate in clinical or community-based research projects. Their graduate work here at Tufts has also helped foster a deeper understanding of how to evaluate and incorporate medical literature into practice and how to advocate for their patients and the PA profession. - Beth Buyea DHSc, PA-C


The Public Health Program is accredited by the Council on Education in Public Health (CEPH), which accredits MPH programs as well as those programs like ours at Tufts University School of Medicine.