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Mobile Health Design

Online Course Summer 2020
May 20 - June 17, 2020
Mondays and Wednesdays, 5:30-9:00pm EST

This online course examines the potential and impact of mobile devices and apps on health, as well as the methods for achieving positive health outcomes through mobile health interventions.

The course covers public health, design, and technology concepts, including topics on user experiences, wireframing, target population research, user testing, ecosystem integration, the development process, stakeholder collaboration, and theoretical health design frameworks. Students will design a mobile health intervention around a public health issue that is addressable with mobile technology. In the project, students justify their intervention to potential stakeholders, describe their intervention along with sample user interface designs, and provide the rationale on their design and technology choices.

The course material is embedded in understanding the mobile user experience: how different populations of healthcare consumers select and use mobile devices and apps, why they sustain or abandon use, and the health benefits, focusing on how they educate, connect, track, and remind and if they do so at the request of their owner or in a proactive and/or predictive way. We examine global use of mobile devices and the roles of big data and predictive analytics. We explore possible data analysis that can be done for the greater good of public health and to advance medical research as well. We also discuss privacy concerns with this kind of health technology.

The course is a mixture of lecture and discussion, with guest lecturers bringing their expertise and perspectives, and work in teams to design mobile devices using the techniques covered in class. Course lecture and discussions use WebEx and teams use Google+ Hangouts.

Contact Bradley Moore, Course Director, at for more information.

Former Students Say

"The information I learned from your course has proven most valuable.  I continue to use tools learned in my own research and now teach others the value of using personas to bring a research idea to life."
Elinor Schoenfeld, PhD

"Informed by my Master's thesis focused on food insecurity, I used the  Mobile Health Design course to propose FooFii, an app addressing food insecurity. This course allowed me to be a creator, not simply a consumer, of digital technologies for health promotion. In February 2016, my course paper served as the basis for a social innovation competition at Tufts, which my team won." 
Tariana V. Little 
Read more about FooFii.