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Tufts Public Health

Faculty & Research

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Faculty at the Forefront

Our diverse faculty includes public health practitioners and scholars, physicians, nurses, dentists, health administrators, epidemiologists, nutritionists, engineers, lawyers, and scientists. As a Tufts student, you’ll work with these accomplished scholars inside the classroom and out in the world, benefiting from their experience and expertise.

Real-World, Experienced Professionals

As passionate, practicing professionals at the forefronts of their respective fields, our professors and instructors walk the walk every day. They’re out in the community doing work that makes an impact, in jobs that include:

  • Mass Health Policy Commissioner
  • Director of Emergency Services at a major Boston medical center
  • US Chemical and Hazard Investigation Safety Board Member
  • Consultant to the National Governor’s Association
  • Director of the Massachusetts Office of Elder Affairs
  • Coordinator of a refugee and immigrant health program
  • Vice President of a major health care system

Innovative Research

Our faculty tackle public health topics that range from opioid addiction and HIV research to the social and economic issues impacting managed care. As a public health student, you’ll be part of this important work, engaging with faculty to pursue topics that matter to you and align with your career goals.

The faculty and staff members are one of the best parts of this program. They help the program run like a well-oiled machine and take into account any feedback and concerns that we as students may have. There is a positive energy within the program which creates a conducive learning environment for the students. - Caitlin S.