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Career Planning & Timelines (MPH Students)

Career Planning and Timelines Landing

Matriculation Year (Discovery and Exploration)

Your first year at Tufts is an exciting time to begin exploring your career interests. Take time to get to know your faculty and academic advisor. Take advantage of opportunities to meet alumni and learn about different career paths that might be of interest to you. Begin the process of shaping your career trajectory by paying attention to subjects and people that inspire you. Then use them as the basis to help you define your career goals and strategize a plan for achieving them.

Completion Year (Execution and Achievement)

Your completion year at Tufts is a time to execute a full-on job search using all the tools and resources you’ve acquired during your previous year(s) in your program. Focus on achieving your goals by following through on the career plan you developed early on. If something in your plan no longer works, refine it and follow through. From a professional standpoint your goal is to achieve a post-graduate position that is fulfilling, and meaningful. If you’ve done your work to build your networks, conduct informational interviews, establish work values and criteria that are important to you, and create targeted application materials, you are well on the road to achieving your goals.

Major Recruitment Timelines

Thanks again for the help – I was able to go in and be confident in my skills and abilities, and have tangible examples to back them up! Feeling much better about my interview skills now.” – Vishakha Ramakrishnan (MPH, 2016)

Contact Career Services

136 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02111

Katie Donovan, MBA
Director of Career Services
Stearns 204

Doina Iliescu
Assistant Director of Career Services
Stearns 117

Sydney Paul, MPH, MHA
Assistant Director of Employer Relations
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