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Career Planning Course

The Career Planning Course (CPC) is the start of a partnership with you and Tufts Public Health and Professional Degree Programs Career Services. CPC is a required career development course for MPH students during their first semester and is designed to ensure that students focus on their long-term career goals from the beginning. In CPC, students will learn the fundamentals of the hiring process; discover the diverse employers and jobs within public health arena; and create unified resumes, cover letter, and online presence. Career Services staff will teach students the fundamentals of the hiring process; take students through the career development cycle from self-assessment to formal interviewing strategies to ensure that students are prepared to pursue internships, on-campus jobs, part-time jobs, Applied Learning Experiences (ALE), and ultimately their first job out of graduate school.


We want you to have the best possible preparation for career success, whether that is your search for an ALE, internship, part-time or full-time role. Your degree is an investment, and career preparation is a key foundational piece. The typical person will have more than 10 jobs during their career. Understanding the development of career management, is a process that you will replicate throughout your life. CPC empowers you to have the most necessary tools for this non-linear and oftentimes challenging process. Tufts feels strongly about providing our students every advantage possible to be successful in an ever changing and complex, increasingly competitive job market.

Part of the process is ensuring you can successfully communicate your ability meet and exceed employers’ expectations for the hard skills you are learning in your program and the soft skills of communications, listening, critical thinking and decision making, and interpersonal skills. These soft skills:

In your job search – as in your professional positions – you will need to communicate to various audiences. This skill is relevant to career planning as you will need to share your most related experiences and skills to your target audience of employers. This skill was highlighted in the Public Health Workforce Interests and Needs Survey and as a necessary trainee skill by NIH. Because of the above factors, many graduate-level programs are implementing mandatory career development programming to ensure their students achieve career success. We are here to help develop those skills along your career path.


At the conclusion of the course, it is the goal that each student will have enhanced self-awareness and tools to communicate professionally to various target audiences and carry out the steps to the intern, ALE, or job search successfully to reach individual career goals.

Contact Career Services

136 Harrison Avenue
1st Floor, Rooms 117 & 118
Boston, MA 02111

Katie Donovan
Director of Career Services

Doina Iliescu
Assistant Director of Career Services