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Facts & Figures

Tufts Public Health, PA, and MBS programs enjoy impressive diversity metrics, exceptional board placement rates, and high post-graduation employment rates.

96% of our MPH graduating class of 2016 were either employed or continuing education within one year of graduation. 70% of our students were employed within 0-3 months of graduation.

100% of our 2015 and 2016 Health Communication graduating classes were employed within a year of graduation, with 72% finding their job 0-3 months after graduation.

The Tufts PA Program was the first physician assistant program established at a medical school in MA and has near 100% for both the PANCE pass rate and an employment rate (as of six months post-graduation) for our first three graduating classes.

879 Admitted to programs beginning in Fall 2017
Tufts PREP program is the first and only multidisciplinary postgraduate pain curriculum of its kind in the US.
50 States represented by students who joined us in Fall 2017
Tufts MBS graduates have been accepted to 128 medical schools and 10 dental schools in 40 states, the District of Columbia, and 6 foreign countries.