Special Rules Applying to the Applied Learning Experience/Capstone

Students enrolled in the Public Health Applied Learning Experience Field Work (PH 0305) or Implementation course (PH 0302 or 0306), the HCOM Applied Learning Experience course (HCOM 0525) or the PREP Capstone Project Implementation course (PREP 0252) are considered to be enrolled half time, even if that is the only course the student is enrolled in for that semester.  This allows students to receive financial aid for living expenses and to keep their loans in deferment while working on the ALE/Capstone.

ALE/Capstone Planning Seminar students who have registered for the ALE/Capstone Implementation Seminar but do not have approved Work Plans (i.e., approved by the Planning Seminar course director and concentration leader) by the last Drop/Add day in the Implementation Seminar semester are automatically de-registered from the Implementation Seminar (and must register for the Implementation Seminar in the following semester.)

When, for a reason acceptable to the instructor, students engaged in passing work are unable to complete his/her ALE or Capstone Implementation in the assigned semester the course director will inform the Registrar that the student will need to continue the ALE/Capstone into the second semester.

This request is typically granted during the last three weeks of the semester when a substantial amount of work has been completed for the semester and when the student is otherwise in good standing. Upon successful completion of the ALE/Capstone the grade for the first semester will be posted as a “Y”.  The student will be registered again for the Implementation/Capstone course but will not be charged tuition for the second Implementation/Capstone course though a Continuation Fee will be assessed (for the 2014-2015 academic year this will be $721.00) in addition to other required fees and student health insurance, if applicable. This continuation fee will be waived if the student is enrolled in additional courses in the same semester.

If a student requires more than two semesters to complete their ALE or Capstone Implementation the PHPD Promotions Committee will examine the student’s situation to determine whether there is adequate academic progress being made.  If the student is allowed to continue, the above procedure will be repeated as needed.