Course Drop/Withdraw

To drop a course after classes have begun, students must complete a Drop/Add Form, available on-line or from the PHPD Office of Student Services.  Students need to obtain the signature of the instructor.  Completed forms should be submitted to the PHPD Registrar for processing.

NOTE: Dropping a course after the semester begins will result in the loss of part or all of your tuition payment for that course and may result in a loss of financial aid.

If a course is dropped before the end of the Add/Drop window (14 calendar days after the start of the semester for full semester fall, spring and summer courses or 7 calendar days after the start of a half semester course) the course will be removed in its entirety from the student transcript. From that point until 8 weeks into the semester (two weeks for half-semester courses) a student may withdraw from a course and a grade of “W” will remain on the student transcript for the course.