The E-Weekly is a list of upcoming events and opportunities available to students in the Public Health and Professional Degree Program at Tufts University School of Medicine.  

Upcoming Events

-   Yoga & Meditation Classes for Boston Students

-   Redefining Global Health Care Delivery: Science Versus Social Justice

-   MBS Alumna Talk

-   Boston CureSearch Walk

-   Ebola: What Do We Need to Know?

-   Spanning the Continuum of Care: Innovations in Healthcare Delivery

-   Provost’s Diversity Reception

-   Medical Grand Rounds by Dr.Stuart Altman on Healthcare Economics

Awards & Honors

-   The Ian B. MacNeill Award

-   2015 Neuroscience Student Research Award

Good to Know

-   Student Activity Fund

-   National Board of Public Health Examiners (NBPHE) Certification Examination

-   Tufts Center for Global Public Health Social Media

-   ASPPH Webinar Archive

-   APHA Scholarships, Awards and Opportunities

-   AACRAO Student Memberships

-   Public Health Rounds Spring Newsletter

Career Services

-   Mission

-   Jobs, internships and fellowships

-   Career Coaching

-   Alumni Networking

Internships/Get to Work

-   Admissions Ambassador Program

-   Career Services Ambassador


   ***Coming soon***


-   Global Health and Innovation Conference

In the Blogosphere

- PHPD Blogs

- GoozNews

- Global Bioethics Blog

- Healthcare Economist


Submitting Information to the E-Weekly

Your announcements should be concise and brief with an attached flier in PDF or a link to a website with more information. Events, news, etc can also be submitted for approval to the Assistant Dean of PHPD Programs.

Please remember, if you want to share announcements in the E-Weekly, you must send them to 
Brian Filon, PHPD Student/Academic Services Assistant, by Thursday at 3:00PM in order for it to be posted on Friday. Every week you'll receive an email with a link to the updated E-Weekly. Unless it is time sensitive, we encourage everyone to use the E-Weekly to post events and information to avoid filling up students' email boxes.

Also, I'd love any feedback or ideas!