Frequently Asked Questions

What is the post-graduate employment outlook for Tufts MPH/HCOM students?

The employment prospects for MPH graduates are quite good, particularly in the Boston, New York, and Washington, DC areas. A majority of our graduates report finding a job between 0-3 months after graduation.

The quantity and quality of opportunities is dependent upon the specific career field, industry, and location of interest. The Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health, is a great resource for learning about MPH Career options including current job trends (growth areas):

What types of careers do Tufts MPH/HCOM graduates pursue?

Our graduates work in all sectors including government (local, state, and federal), private (healthcare consulting, public relations, pharmaceuticals/biotechnology), nonprofit (universities/research institutes, hospitals, community based organizations). Listings of recent employers of Tufts MPH/HCOM graduates along with job titles are available here

What is the average salary of a post-graduate?

Salary is highly dependent upon the individual credentials of the candidate, including number of years of relevant work experience prior to starting the MPH/HCOM program, internships and other experiences during the program.

Our most recent graduation employment data is available here to give you a sense of where our most recent graduates are working, along with some average starting salaries

Are there opportunities to work during the program?

A majority of our students are working at least part-time during the program. As many classes are offered in the evening, there is ample time during the day to work on-campus (as a research/program assistant), or to conduct an internship/part-time job off-campus while attending school full-time.

How can I find a Research/Teaching Assistantship (RA/TA)?

Career Services maintains Career Connector, a database of jobs, internships and on-campus job opportunities specific to the Tufts Public Health and Professional Degree Programs (PHPD). Once a student matriculates, s/he has access to this tool. Tufts University on-campus jobs outside of PHPD (mainly on the Medford campus) are posted in JobX, a separate database.

Teaching Assistantships are typically secured after demonstrating mastery in a particular subject/course. A common scenario is that a student excels in a course and the professor of that course then asks the student to be a TA in subsequent semesters. TA opportunities often arise after a student has completed one or two semesters of the program.

What sort of career search support does Tufts provide?

Tufts Public Health and Professional Development Programs offers a full service Career Services office with experienced coaches who meet individually with students, conduct career development workshops, and offer recruitment events. They maintain Career Connector, a proprietary database of employers and contacts as well as jobs, internships, fellowships, and applied learning experiences. A feature of the office is that they work individually with each cohort based on their educational timeline and industry of interest. The office is very engaged with students at different points in their program. As an example, we are launching a new Career Planning Course for MPH and HCOM students in their first semester of study.

External MPH career resources: