Careers in Biomedical Sciences

A Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences from Tufts School of Medicine is the basis for a number of different and exciting careers. While acceptance to medical or dental school is the primary goal for many of Tufts MBS graduates, the Biomedical Sciences program is an excellent foundation for numerous other career paths in health care or research.

Where do biomedical science professionals work?

Biomedical Science professionals work in clinical settings, academia, private industry and government.

What do biomedical science professionals do?

Biomedical Science professionals work in many different capacities.  The clinical environment provides opportunities for laboratory research that supports the work of clinicians and other medical staff. In academia or other research institutes, basic research is needed to advance new ideas for applied research in the private sector. In government, biomedical science professionals may consult to or advise policy makers around the implications of scientific research.

Sample job titles:

  • Biochemist (settings include colleges/universities, drug companies, government agencies)
  • Compliance Coordinator/Manager (settings include hospitals, pharma/biotech companies)
  • Clinical Research Coordinator (settings include biotech, pharma, medical device, hospitals)
  • Research Assistant (setting include research centers, universities, hospitals)
  • Medical Writer  (settings include biotech, pharma, research centers)
  • Research scientist (settings include universities, biotech, pharma)

Further Educational Opportunities

The Tufts MBS degree provides a solid foundation for additional training in biomedical sciences such as PhD programs, and Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner programs. 

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) offer a variety of training programs in the biomedical sciences for individuals at all levels of training. The Technical Intramural Research Training Award Technical IRTA  is an excellent opportunity for graduates seeking training as research support professionals.

For more information about biomedical science careers visit the Biomedical Science Careers Program website.