Kristin Manzolillo, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

Photo of Tufts School of Medicine alumna Kristin Manzolillo

"Many of my professors had very relevant real world experience, which added a lot of value to our classroom discussions."

Senior Manager, Worldwide Policy
BA/MPH combined degree program, 2010
MPH concentration, Health Services Management and Policy

Tell us about your current job.
I currently work on the US Policy team for a biopharmaceutical organization. In my role, I assess the impacts of health care regulatory and legislative policy changes on patients, providers, and the biopharmaceutical industry. A significant portion of my time is spent on topics related to the Affordable Care Act. Outside of my day job, I sit on the Board of a network of federally qualified health centers in New York City.

What inspired you to pursue an MPH?
I was interested in learning more about how individuals go about obtaining access to and paying for health care. More specifically, I wanted to understand how policy changes at the state and federal level could facilitate quality access to care for the greatest number of individuals.  

What drew you to the Tufts Program?
Many of my professors had very relevant real world experience, which added a lot of value to our classroom discussions. Some of my professors were hospital administrators, held positions in government, or were practicing physicians. Learning about their experiences in these roles taught me a lot about future career paths that I previously never considered. Boston is also a great city for health care and public health, and the location of the Program alone affords students many opportunities. 

How did your Tufts degree help prepare you to work in the field (or what were the highlights of your Program)?
I really enjoyed getting to partner with faculty members to produce research, and also participate in the Applied Learning Experience. The topics of my research (which included items such as health reform in Massachusetts, as well as pharmacogenomics) prepared me for my current health policy role. 

What advice do you have for prospective students?
Try new things. Enjoy taking classes on topics you have never previously learned about, or considered as a part of your future career path.