Career Expo Employer FAQs

What is an Expo?

The Expo is structured like a career fair but is a more open fair in that organizations are not necessarily required to have current job openings in order to participate. The Expo is a career exploration and networking event designed to assist in connecting students with organizations.

For employers, it’s an opportunity to engage with a large number of potential candidates to learn more about the skills and qualifications available from Tufts Public Health and Nutrition programs and to identify talent for future needs. For students, it’s an opportunity to learn, network, and build professional connections.

If your organization ever hires graduate level public health or nutrition candidates for internships, practicums, consulting, or full-time jobs, then this event is for you.

Does my organization have to have current openings to be able to attend?

No. The students who will be attending this event may be interested in internships, practicums, consulting, or just exploring the types of career opportunities that may be available when they graduate. So even if you don’t have openings now, if you have hired MPH or MS graduates in the last 1-2 years, this event is a great way to connect with potential candidates.

Who should participate from my organization?

We find that it works best to have two representatives from an organization including 1) a human resources or recruitment professional, and 2) an employee with a similar background to our audience such as an alum of our  MPH, MS or other advanced degree program who is starting out their post-graduate career. In this way, students are able to get the important recruitment process questions answered and also get to hear from a peer on what it is like to work for your organization which can reduce the number of additional communications after the fair.

How much does it cost to attend?

We are not charging employers a registration fee as this is our launch year. In year two, we will most likely charge a nominal fee for participation.

How do I register and what information is required?

Check back in September for the updated registration link.

The form will ask for general information, including representatives’ names/titles, website, organization overview. If you have job, internship, practicum, or fellowship opportunities, there is a section to fill out that information as well.

What can I expect as a registered employer?

In advance of the fair, you will receive a resume book containing resumes of registered students in order to facilitate conversations.  You will also receive confirmation emails with directions, and at the fair, you will have one table to set up displays and promotional materials, as well as seating. At the fair, snacks will be made available as well as a free parking pass for the Tufts Medical Center parking garage, located at 274 Tremont Street across the street from the Courtyard Hotel.

Still have questions?

Email or call 617-636-3446.

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