2017-2018 Events

Each year, PHPD Career Services organizes several events to bring students, alumni, preceptors, and employers together for targeted networking and information sharing. Following are the 2017-2018 scheduled employer events:

MPH and MS in Health Communication Applied Learning Experience (ALE) Preceptor Fair

Late September 2017 & Early February 2018

Each semester, a group of public health students are engaged in ALE Planning, which entails identifying a preceptor and developing a proposal to implement a project in the subsequent semester. In order to facilitate a student-preceptor match, we hold two ALE Fairs per academic year. Both students and preceptors have said that the event is excellent and efficient way to network to find the right project. We are grateful that our preceptors consistently rate our students as excellent and return semester after semester to recruit our students!

Check back this summer for more information.

Tufts Physician Assistant Career Fair

Friday, November 3, 2017 from 10:30-12:00 pm

The February 2018 graduating class will be actively seeking PA opportunities in a variety of specialties. Don't miss this opportunity to network with graduates from a top-ranked Physician Assistant program.

Check back this summer for more information.

Tufts Public Health and Nutrition Career Expo

Early March 2018

Our annual Public Health and Nutrition Career Expo is a way for employers who hire MPH, DrPH, MS or PhD in Nutrition, and MS in Health Communication graduates to network with our student and alumni population. If your organization hires interns, part-time, fellows, or full-time employees, this is a great opportunity to identify Tufts talent for your organization.

Check back in the Fall for more information.


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ALE Appreciation Award

Assistant Commissioner Lindsay Tucker accepts an appreciation award on behalf of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for its participation in Tufts' Applied Learning Experience.

Intro to the Applied Learning Experience (ALE) for Field Site Preceptors

video Watch the WebEx led by Assistant Professor Ginny Chomitz