Faculty & Research

“A program is as good as its people” is a truism that explains why Tufts’ Public Health and Professional Degree Programs are so good.

The students are exceptional. But so is the faculty – enthusiastic, practicing professionals who stay current with, and sometimes ahead of, their fields.

Tapping the resources of the university and beyond, PHPD faculty include environmental and civil engineers, nutritionists, health administrators, public health practitioners, physicians, nurses, dentists, lawyers, epidemiologists, writers, and scientists.

The faculty includes the health commissioner of a Massachusetts town; the director of emergency services at a major Boston medical center, members of NIH review panels, the producer of award-winning radio broadcasts, the director of the state Office of Elder Health, a coordinator of a refugee and immigrant health program, and the vice president of a major health care system.

What they share is a focus on applying their skills and knowledge to current public health problems and a willingness to involve students in that work as well as encourage and guide them in their own investigations.

Shared Focus

Our faculty is committed to applying their skills and knowledge to current public health problems including increasing concerns about pain management and the complex social and economic issues involved in managed care. Our instructors involve students in that work and also encourage them to explore their own investigations.

Tufts is a top research university know for its work in the biomedical field. Faculty members explore a broad range and depth of research topics, including emerging and infectious diseases, bioterrorism and emerging disease preparedness, cutting-edge statistical analysis, pain as it related to end-of-life care and law in public health, among many others.