Housing Resources

Although Tufts has some dormitory housing available to graduate students, most students prefer to live off campus. Incoming students will typically contact local realtors or search apartment databases to identify potential housing opportunities. We have compiled a list of websites that you may find helpful: Boston Housing Online.

A limited amount of on-campus housing is available in Posner Hall, the Health Sciences Campus dormitory.

In addition, the School of Arts & Sciences on the Medford campus maintains an Off-Campus Housing Resource Center as a free service to the Tufts community, and covers topics including rental listings and Massachusetts tenant rights. Please note that this site is used by the entire Tufts University community including the students on the undergraduate campus in Medford/Somerville MA. When posting, you may want to note that you are a medical student/professional student and focus your search on the areas closest to downtown Boston.

For MD Students:

The Office of Admissions and Office of Student Affairs can assist you with general information about where students typically live, help get you in touch with a current student to ask housing questions or provide some help with a roommate search. Housing questions can be directed to med-housing@tufts.edu or 617-636-0893.

For Public Health and Professional Degree Students:

In an effort to assist our incoming students with finding housing etc., we invite our accepted and deposited students (only) to view a “clearinghouse list” of housing, roommate (s) or furniture opportunities available to them. We have asked our current students to contribute and provide this information for your benefit. Please direct questions to med-PHPD@tufts.edu or 617-636-0935.

Please note that this information will be made available only to accepted and deposited students for the coming semester and will not be posted for the general public on the website.

Finally, we’d appreciate knowing if you have “made a match”, making a listing defunct. If you could email the PHPDhousing@tufts.edu account with the pertinent information, that will be very helpful to us in terms of providing accurate and updated information and you not being contacted unnecessarily via the e-list.

To view this clearing house list as an accepted or deposited student, you will be sent an email, allowing you access to a regularly updated list. If you would prefer not to be on the e-list, just reply back, letting us know.