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Please note the following information regarding snow policies for both Pre-clinical and Clinical students:

When school is closed, classes are cancelled and administrative offices including the OSA, OEA, Financial Aid, Student Advisory and Health Administration, the library and the fitness center are closed.  For students on clinical rotations (3rd and 4th year MD and PA rotations, CAP sessions, etc.), keep in mind that clinical sites do not follow university closures. 

If you can safely reach your clinical site, you are expected to report.  Any student who has access to public transit and is at a site that is accessible via public transportation, should report. If you are driving to your site, please use reasonable judgment. If you feel that driving is hazardous for you, please do not put yourself or others in danger by driving to your site. In that case, please contact your clerkship director and direct teammates to let them know that you will not be coming in to work. Again, use good judgment, we do not want anyone harmed trying to get to work in dangerous weather. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the OSA.

Outlined below is information on how to determine if the Medical School will be closed during weather emergencies. Due to the possibility of power outages in weather emergencies, email is not always a reliable way to communicate this information.

Weather emergency closings are publicized in the following ways:

1) Recorded on the Tufts Weather Emergency line 617-627-INFO (4636)

2) Televised "No School" announcements appear at the bottom of the screen anytime during the early morning news broadcasts on most major networks.

3) "No School" announcements broadcast on most local news radio stations, including WBZ (1030 AM).

Note: When a storm occurs in the early morning hours, these announcements will be updated regularly.

If the Medical School is closed (or opening delayed), the announcement could be ANY of the following:

1) Tufts University all campuses
2) Tufts University-Boston Campus
3) Tufts Health Sciences Campus
4) Tufts Medical School or Tufts University School of Medicine

Please note that in some cases, classes may be cancelled or delayed only on the Grafton or Medford campus due to the track of the storm and in the announcement will specify only the campus(es) that are closed.