MS in Biomedical Sciences (MBS)

The Tufts MBS program is designed to help pre-medical and pre-dental candidates improve their credentials for their application to medical and dental school programs.

Interviews are not required and not available.

We cannot access materials submitted to Tufts MD through AMCAS, or Tufts Dental through ADSAS.

Application Deadline:

  • July 1- All applications and materials must be received by the deadline. Applications are reviewed on a rolling admissions basis and the class can potential fill prior to the deadline.

Application Requirements:

  • Slate Application 
  • Application Fee ($70)
  • Personal Statement
  • Resume
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • Official Test Scores (MCAT, GRE, or DAT)
  • Transcripts


The MBS Program has aligned its pre-requisites with those of Tufts University School of Medicine (TUSM). Students must have all pre-medical requirements completed with a C- or better prior to matriculation into the MBS Program.

We encourage applicants to check the requirements at medical/dental schools they may be interested in applying to in the future, as they may differ from the TUSM Requirements.

Expand categories below for detailed instructions.

Slate Application and Fee
  • Slate Application
  • Application Fee: $70 (paid directly through the online application)
Personal Statement

In a short essay, please help the Admissions Committee understand the experiences, inspirations, and challenges that have shaped you as a person and how obtaining the MS in Biomedical Sciences at Tufts will further your career goals. Your essay should be typed, double-spaced, and approximately 500 words or fewer.

Letters of Recommendation

 You have three options for fulfilling the recommendation requirement to the MBS application:

  1. Each of your three recommenders submit their own recommendations.
  2. Request that your pre-health advising office submit a committee letter or a packet of letters on your behalf. (Committee Letters must be the full letters from which the composite was made, NOT a letter formed from excerpts.)
  3. Submit three letters through Interfolio.

Further instructions for submitting your letters of recommendation are included in the online application. Please also note:

  • Three letters of recommendation are required.
  • The Admissions Committee prefers to see academic letters.
  • We do accept letters written for medical/dental school, they do not need to be written specifically for the MBS Program.
  • Letters should mention the relationship of the applicant to the recommender so they can be put into the proper context. 
  • Recommendation letters may be submitted online or by mail.
    • If mailed, letters should be in a sealed envelope with the author’s signature across the seal and sent to our address at the bottom of this page.
Official Test Scores

A test score is required to apply to the MBS program. The score must be received by our office no later than July 1. Please plan to take your exam and have the scores sent to us with enough time to make our deadline. Extensions are not provided. 

MCAT scores are preferred by the Admissions Committee.



How to submit


Log in to AAMC and follow instructions to create and print your own official score report.

You will be provided with instructions for submitting the .pdf of your MCAT score report, verification code, and AAMC ID in the application.

Do not send MCAT scores electronically to the Tufts School of Medicine, as they will be delivered to the MD program Admissions Office.


Official GRE scores must be sent directly to the PHPD Admissions Office. Please note, there are multiple reporting codes for Tufts so be sure to use the correct code. We cannot retrieve scores sent to the incorrect school.

Submit directly to Tufts School of Medicine using CEEB code 3889.

Do not use codes 0438, 6997, or 3891, which are codes for other Tufts programs.


We are not listed on to send scores electronically because we are not a dental school. We can't access scores sent electronically to Tufts Dental School.

On, enter “Tufts University PHPD Programs” in the alternate school text box and use the address information found below. Official scores will be mailed to the PHPD Admissions Office based on that information.

TOEFL TOEFL is required for non-native English speakers. Applicants must possess a minimum TOEFL score of 100 on the internet-based exam.

TOEFL Exam Policy »
Submit directly to Tufts School of Medicine using CEEB code 3889.
  • Copies of ALL undergraduate and graduate transcripts (e.g., EMT courses, study abroad, summer courses, post-bacc) are required for review.
  • If you have any courses that are in progress or being completed in a future term, especially pre-requisites, please provide documentation of this (e.g., a transcript that shows courses in progress).
  • If you received two degrees from the same institution that are on the same transcript, you will need to list the institution twice, one for each degree. Upload the transcript with one degree and for the other, upload a blank document. If you leave either transcript section empty, your application will be left as incomplete.
  • International students must also submit an OFFICIAL WES Evaluation of coursework, sent directly from the evaluation agency.
  • We accept both unofficial and official transcripts. Generally, your application will be processed sooner if you upload unofficial transcripts; this is also our preference. However, please note that
    • If you decide to matriculate, you will be required to provide a final official transcript from the institution which awarded you your bachelor's degree, with a date of undergraduate degree conferral

If you’re uploading an unofficial transcript to your application:

  • Copy/scan/screenshot your transcripts for each college/university attended.
  • Upload all pages of your transcript(s) and one example of the back page to provide us with your university’s transcript key. This can be found on the back of your official transcript or on your registrar’s website.
  • PDF files are preferred but additional formats are accepted (e.g., .doc, .jpg,.tiff).
  • Scanned documents must be clearly legible and on standard US 8.5” x 11” paper. Be sure no text is cut off when scanned

If you are sending official transcripts from your college or university:

  • Don’t upload anything in the transcripts section if you’re sending an official transcript. The system will inaccurately count this as your transcript, and review of your application will be delayed.
  • Official transcripts may be mailed via the US Mail to our address at the bottom of this page, or electronically to
  • Transcripts are only considered official if they are sent directly from the registrar's office of your institution to our office in a sealed envelope. If you scan your official transcript to your application it becomes unofficial.
Laptop Requirement

Tufts University School of Medicine uses computer-based testing for many of its courses. Exams are conducted using Examplify. Therefore, each student is required to have a laptop. Please note that Examplify cannot be used on virtual operating systems such as Microsoft's Virtual Machine, Parallels, VMware, VMware Fusion or any other virtual environments, unless approved by the institution.
View Examplify requirements »

International Applicants

International applicants are eligible to apply to Tufts University School of Medicine (TUSM), but should be advised that we admit very few and give strong preference to US citizens and permanent residents. We also give strong preference to applicants who have (or will have by the time of matriculation) completed their undergraduate work at a US college or university. The international students admitted to TUSM are usually students who have earned Bachelor's degrees in the United States.

“International applicants” are citizens of any foreign country (including Canada) who do not hold a United States permanent resident visa (green card). Permanent resident visa status is equivalent to US citizenship for the purposes of our admission process and US federal student loan programs.

Please note the following:

  1. Given the current US shortage of physicians and the uneven advanced training opportunities for non-citizen/non-green card holders, TUSM and the applicant must have a compelling reason for the applicant to study here. This might include a student’s interest in a program offered here that may not be offered elsewhere.
  2. Accepted international students must be prepared to absorb the high cost of US medical education, and have a full understanding that international students are not qualified for traditional US educational funding including loans and scholarships.
  3. Accepted international students should have a full understanding that they may have limited options in terms of post-graduate training, both geographically and in within specialties. Because of this, students who are not likely to be able to compete for a full range of career training opportunities and programs beyond medical school will only be considered for admission under unique or compelling circumstances.

Application Process:

  • The MBS Application opens in September and the Admissions Committee begins reviewing in mid-January and makes decisions on a rolling basis thereafter.
  • You can submit your application before your recommendations, test scores, and transcripts have been received.
  • After you have submitted your application, you will be able to login to our application management portal to view your checklist of required items.
  • You are responsible for monitoring the status of your application and ensuring that all required materials are received by the deadline.
  • Our office will send you an email when your application is complete; until you receive this email, you should assume your application is not complete.
  • It can take several days for credentials to be uploaded to an application.
  • Students will receive an admissions decision approximately four to eight weeks from the date that the application is complete.
  • When a decision has been rendered, you will receive an email to notify you to check your application management portal. Note that we do not mail any physical admissions decisions.


Admitted students will have three weeks to reply to our offer. To accept the seat, students must complete the Candidate Reply Form and pay the non-refundable $500 deposit. Extensions are not available.

Application materials should be sent to: