MS Biomedical Sciences/Master of Public Health

There are two application options if you are interested in our combined MS in Biomedical Sciences/Master of Public Health (MBS/MPH) program.

Applying Concurrently to the MBS and MBS/MPH Program

If you are not yet a student in the MBS program, you can apply to the MBS/MPH program at the same time you are submitting your application for the regular MBS program.

Within the regular MBS program application, you will be able to indicate that you are applying to the MPH. If you do so, in addition to regular requirements for the MBS application, you will be asked to provide an additional personal statement regarding your interest in the MPH program.

Your decision to pursue or not pursue the MBS/MPH program has no impact on your admission decision for the MBS program itself. If an applicant is eligible for admission to the MBS program but not to the dual degree program of their choice, the applicant will be offered admission to the MBS program alone.

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Applying for the MBS/MPH as a Current MBS Student

If you are already enrolled in the MBS program, you are able to submit a short application to the MBS/MPH program during the spring of your first year. The short application will be made available on February 1 and you will need to submit it by March 1.

As a current MBS student, you will be asked to provide a personal statement regarding your interest in the MPH program and 1 letter of recommendation, typically from your current program adviser.

Upon submission of the short application, the PHPD Admissions Office will obtain the application materials you submitted for your original MBS program application and a copy of your transcript containing your first semester grades in the MBS program. The information you provide in the short application, plus your transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation, and personal information on your original MBS application, will be combined and reviewed by the Public Health Admissions Committee for admission to the MBS/MPH program.

If you are offered admission to the MBS/MPH program, you will need to accept the offer by the enrollment deadline provided in your admissions letter. Your ability to pursue the MBS/MPH program is contingent upon successful completion of the spring semester of your MBS coursework.

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MS Biomedical Sciences/MPH Program