MD/Master of Public Health

The combined MD/MPH program is applied to through the medical school. MD applicants may apply to the combined MD/MPH via the online TUSM secondary application at any time during the application cycle. (Space is limited in the program so applying early is recommended.)

Applying to Combined Degree Programs:

In conjunction with Tufts School of Medicine’s Public Health and Professional Degree Programs (PHPD), Tufts School of Medicine offers several combined degree programs for MD candidates. All combined degree applicants are considered for a position in the traditional MD program as well as for a position in the combined degree program of their choice. Applicants for combined degree programs apply to the School of Medicine in the same manner as all other applicants and additionally submit a separate combined degree program application. The online combined degree program application is accessible with the online secondary application on the TUSM secondary application web site.

Additional interviews are not required for any of the MD/master’s degree programs. No additional standardized tests (such as the GMAT or GRE) other than the MCAT are required for any of our combined degree programs. Applying to our combined degree programs does not require any additional application fees.

The TUSM Committee on Admissions is the only body with the authority to admit applicants to our medical school. In PHPD, each combined degree program has its own program committee that is authorized to admit applicants to its combined degree program; however, it may do so only after the applicants have been approved for admission to the entering class by the TUSM Committee on Admissions.

Tufts Secondary Application:

If interested in a combined degree program, that must be indicated on the secondary application. The secondary application deadline is January 15.

PHPD’s Decision Process:

PHPD does not review students for the combined degree until a positive MD decision is rendered and accepted by the applicant. Applying to a combined degree neither helps or hinders their MD application.

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