MD/MA in International Relations

Applicants to the MD/Fletcher School MA program should complete a Combined Degree Application (CDP) on their Tufts Secondary Application. Your application to the MA in International Relations program must be made separately to The Fletcher School. The final review of your candidacy to the combined MD/MA program will only be made after you have been approved for admission to the MD program by the TUSM Committee on Admissions.

Applicants are required to submit a complete The Fletcher School application with the exception of a GRE score. Your MCAT score will be accepted in its place. To obtain a copy of your MCAT score to send to Fletcher, go to the MCAT site here. Details regarding applying to Fletcher can be found here. If you have questions regarding your application to The Fletcher School, please contact Laurie Hurley, Fletcher Director of Admissions via email or by calling their office at 617-627-3040. Please be sure to identify yourself as an MD/MA applicant.