Housing Resources

Tufts Public Health and Professional Degree Programs Office of Student Services utilizes jumpoffcampus.com for current student listings of available apartments, and rooms for rent. Please select “Tufts Dental School” for listings in and around the Boston area. If you have additional housing questions, please direct them to PHPDhousing@tufts.edu or 617-636-0935.

On-Campus Housing

The Posner Hall Dormitory was built in 1954 with renovations occurring regularly, resulting in a well maintained facility. It houses our Medical, Dental, Sackler, and PHPD graduate students in a 97-room building located at 200 Harrison Avenue, Boston. The dormitory is across from the Sackler Center for Medical Education, where most classes are held, and Tufts Medical Center.


In an effort to assist our incoming students with finding housing etc., we invite our accepted and deposited students (only) to view a “clearinghouse list” of housing, roommate (s) or furniture opportunities available to them. We have asked our current students to contribute and provide this information for your benefit.

Please note that this information will be made available only to accepted and deposited students for the coming semester and will not be posted for the general public on the website.

Finally, we’d appreciate knowing if you have “made a match”, making a listing defunct. If you could email the PHPDhousing@tufts.edu account with the pertinent information, that will be very helpful to us in terms of providing accurate and updated information and you not being contacted unnecessarily via the e-list.

To view this clearing house list as an accepted or deposited student, you will be sent an email, allowing you access to a regularly updated list. If you would prefer not to be on the e-list, just reply back, letting us know.

Short-term Housing

Need short-term housing? Hostelling International's Boston hostel is located less than 5 minutes away by foot from the TUSM campus. For more information and for online booking, visit Hostelling International.

When making your online booking, enter the promo code, "Tufts" to receive a 10% discount. 

HI Boston Hostel
19 Stuart Street
MA 02116 Boston
Tel. 617 536 9455 

Boston Neighborhood Information

Why Boston?

boston statehouse

We share the region with some of the world’s most prestigious hospitals, biomedical industries, and institutes of higher learning—creating a rich and rewarding intellectual climate in which to study, socialize, and work.