Financial Aid Policies and Deadlines

Masters and PhD students  

  • Nutrition Programs
  • Public Health and Professional Degree Programs
  • Master of Public Health and MPH dual degree programs
  • MS Health Communication
  • MS Pain Research, Education & Policy
  • MS in Biomedical Sciences
  • Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences students *

 *In general, PhD students with tuition and stipend support do not qualify for financial assistance. However, some students with extenuating circumstances may qualify for federal student loans. PhD students who believe they have extenuating circumstances should contact the Office of Financial Aid to discuss them.

All applicants
Financial aid is awarded on an academic year basis. Our priority application date for 2017-2018 is February 17th, 2017

Students will not be eliminated from consideration for any types of funding by applying after the priority consideration date. However, the Office of Financial Aid processes applications on a first-come, first-served basis; therefore, late applicants may experience a delay in the notification of their eligibility. Students would still be expected to meet all registration and bill payment deadlines even if they have not received financial aid award notices by those dates. Consequently, they may also cause a delay with disbursements and/or refund checks being issued. 

Please be aware that loan eligibility may not be certified after the last day of classes. Students who are applying for financial aid late into the semester (within one month of the last day of classes) should contact the Office of Financial Aid to confirm that adequate time is available to process the request. 

New applicants
Please do not wait until you are admitted to apply for financial assistance. Having a complete financial aid application on file when you are admitted ensures that we will be able to review your application quickly and notify you of your eligibility shortly after your admission. 

Continuing applicants
The Office of Financial Aid will be in touch with you each December to notify you when application materials for the next academic year are available for download from the web. 

How do I apply for aid?
Complete the applications listed here and submit the supplemental documents listed in the application instructions. 

Who may apply?
Students whose cost of attendance exceeds their family/other financial resources are encouraged to apply for financial aid. However, applicants who meet the following requirements may be eligible to receive federal financial aid if they are: 1) accepted or enrolled at TUSM on at least a half-time basis, 2) meeting standards of academic standard progress, 3) a citizen of the United States or an eligible non-citizen, 4) NOT in default with prior student loans, 5) compliant with requirements of Selective Service Registration (male students) and 6) have no prior drug convictions during a period of enrollment for which the student was receiving Title IV aid. 

Renewal of eligibility
Students are required to apply for financial aid each academic year and eligibility is determined for all financial aid programs available. Components of a student's aid package may vary from year to year due to changes in financial circumstances, late applications, changes in program regulations, and/or funds available. 

International Students
No federal or institutional funds are available to international students. However, private loans may be secured with an eligible co-signer. The Office of Financial Aid would be happy to assist international students with questions pertaining to private loans.