DMD/Master of Public Health

Deposit: none

Application Deadlines:

Students can apply to the program during their second year of dental education. Priority deadlines:

  • Fall: January 15th – priority deadline
  • Fall: January 16th through April 15th – rolling admissions
  • Fall: after April 15th – seats offered on a space available basis
  • Spring: October 25th – some flexibility
Academic Requirements:

College Biology, or its equivalent, is a prerequisite to graduate from our MPH program.  For those students who come to Tufts MPH Program without this, they will normally be expected to have taken such a course by the end of their first fall semester.  As Tufts MPH students, they can satisfy this requirement by taking our 0.5 credit Public Health Biology course offered each fall.  Enrolling at another college or university to take an undergraduate level biology course before the end of their first fall semester with us is also acceptable.

Application Process:

Students can apply to the program during their second year of dental education. Admission to the DMD/MPH Program is a two-step process:

  1. Students must submit a personal narrative to the DMD/MPH Program Coordinator, Jennifer Au ( The prompt of the personal narrative is as follows: Describe your career objectives and why you are interested in dental public health training. The DMD/MPH Combined Program Admissions Committee will review the application. The Committee looks for academic achievement and demonstrated interest and activities in dental public health. Applicants with an interest in becoming board certified in dental public health will be given preference for admission. 

  2. If recommended by the Committee for admissions to the DMD/MPH Program, students must then complete a separate application to the MPH Program and be accepted by the Admissions Committee of the MPH Program.

For more information on the program, or to discuss your options, please contact:

Jennifer Au, MPH
Program Coordinator
617.636.2739 Dr. Wanda Wright, DDS, MS, MSD
Program Director

MPH Application Requirements:

Online Application
Please fill out the online application.
Application Fee
Applicants should call the PHPD Office of Admissions, identifying themselves as a DMD/MPH applicant prior to submitting their application.

Personal Statement


Candidates must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Be in good standing at TUSDM
  • Demonstrate a high level of interest and potential to pursue a career as a dentist with graduate training in public health
  • Have an interest in pursuing board certification in dental public health
  • Submit an application that includes a student narrative describing the individual’s career objectives
  • Complete a personal interview with faculty of the Department of PHCS

In addition to applying for admission to the MPH program, candidates must also complete and submit a DMD/MPH program application to the DMD Program Office.

Click here for the DMD Program Office Application

Three Letters of Reference

Scanned copies of ALL undergraduate and graduate study transcripts (e.g., EMT courses, study abroad, summer courses, post-bacc.) are required and should be appended to your online application in “Step 3: Documents/Essays.”  Please note that we can also accept the official copies sent from your academic institution.  However, the processing and review of your application may take place in a timelier manner if scanned copies are appended.  

Please see below for more detailed instructions on how to append scanned transcripts:

  1. Make a low resolution black and white photo copy of your transcripts (this will reduce the file size) for each college/university attended and scan each photocopy.
  2. Upload all pages of your transcript(s) but only one example of the back page to provide us with your university’s transcript key.
  3. Check file size and do not exceed 2MB.
  4. PDF files preferred but additional formats are accepted (e.g., .doc, .jpg, .gif, .tiff, .bmp).
  5. Scanned documents must be clearly legible and printed on standard US 8.5” x 11” paper.
  6. When scanning your transcripts, please be sure to use the proper orientation to ensure the whole transcript is received. If a landscape transcript is scanned in portrait orientation, a large portion of the page will be cut-off.
  7. If you have more than one transcript or a multiple page transcript, please click “next” to upload another document.
  8. International students must also submit an evaluation of coursework done by an organization such as WES or CED. 
  9. If you matriculate in PHPD, you will be required to furnish an official, final transcript with date of degree conferral (if applicable) from any/all institutions you attended.
  10. Official transcripts may also be received electronically from your college/university via the email account or by mail (see below). 

Again, if you matriculate, official transcripts are required from ALL undergraduate and graduate institutions attended (degree and non-degree, including college level coursework taken during high school) for ANY amount of coursework taken.  This includes, for example, EMT courses, study abroad, and summer courses. NO COPIES or faxes will be accepted.  Official final transcripts may be mailed by the institution directly to:

Tufts University School of Medicine
Public Health & Professional Degree Programs
Attn: Director of Admissions, Emily C. Keily
136 Harrison Avenue Suite 142
Boston, MA 02111

OR sent by the applicant, provided all transcripts are sealed with an official signature across the flap. 

Official DAT scores

All the supporting application credentials noted above should be sent to:

Tufts University School of Medicine
Public Health and Professional Degree Programs
Attn: Director of Admissions, Emily C. Keily
136 Harrison Avenue, Suite 142
Boston, MA 02111

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