Mission and Values Statements


The DrPH prepares students for leadership roles in public health practice through which they will advance societal and environmental conditions that allow all members of society to enjoy the highest attainable standard of health.

The MPH prepares students for a variety of careers in public health practice through which they will advance societal and environmental conditions that allow all members of society to enjoy the highest attainable standard of health


Search for Knowledge

In order to achieve public health goals such as eliminating health inequities, reducing the burden of disease and injury, promoting mental and physical health and preventing global threats to the environment, public health professionals must learn how to affect change at many levels of our society, including within our professions, institutions, public policies, and politics.  Change, to improve the human condition and to prevent future disease, requires a continuing search for new knowledge and new methods. 

Teaching and Learning

Through active learning, discussion and debate, as well as through our public health research and practice, the program seeks to foster in its students and faculty 1) the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent disease and injury, promote health, and protect populations from harm; and 2) critical thinking skills that will enhance a lifetime of learning.  We seek to give our students an understanding of research methods, the tools to critically assess the literature, and the capacity to collaborate with a multidisciplinary and multicultural array of practitioners, public health agency personnel, academic professionals, and community members.


We embrace the Tufts University Vision for Impact, which states that the work of a university, “….should improve the human condition and quality of life in a just and equitable manner, while living within the limits of local and global ecosystems.”  Program faculty prepare students to advance social justice by encouraging them to develop the will, the creativity and the courage to accomplish public health goals, addressing all determinants of health using a broad array of tools targeting individual, organizational, community, and societal change.


We value and celebrate diversity and seek to promote respect and understanding for differences through the composition of our faculty, staff and student body; through our curriculum; and through the establishment of a welcoming and inclusive institutional environment.  We are committed to using the tools of public health to address health inequities so that all members of society have an equal opportunity for health and well-being.

Global Orientation

We seek to instill in our students an understanding of the global reach of public health challenges and to advance their capacity as public health professionals to work across boundaries and with respect and understanding of cultural differences in communities throughout Massachusetts, our nation, and the world.


As part of their commitment to equity and the need to make the best use of limited resources towards improving health, we encourage our students to devote their attention to responsible stewardship of these limited resources.  We also recognize that the health of human populations is dependent on the health of the planet, and that a commitment to human health must include a commitment to the sustainable use of resources and the preservation of the natural environment.