Health Services Management and Policy

The Health Services Management and Policy concentration is designed for students with a career interest in public health, health services administration or policy work. Students gain exposure to a wealth of knowledge and skills that are vital in a variety of organizational settings. The concentration promotes an understanding of public health as practiced alongside a complex health care system and within a changing policy context.

Competencies attained:

  • Prepare health policy writing(s) which evidences an understanding of:
      --the roles of the government and non-governmental sector in effecting policies
        --any impacts on social justice and equity from the various policy alternatives
          --the effect on economic and technical efficiency in the supply and demand for goods or services    affected by the policy
            --the various stakeholders impacted by a policy
            --background literature in the field tied to a particular policy topic
            • Explain the purposes and elements in carrying out one or more of the following: strategic planning process; needs assessment; program logic model and work plan; program evaluation; quality improvement process.
            • Explain the interplay of legislative, regulatory and judicial laws and their attendant impact on the ways in which a policy issue tied to public health and/or health care delivery and financing is interpreted and effectuated.
            • Identify individual, organizational, and community concerns, needs, assets, efficacy/power, and resources for use in management or policy development tied to a range of health care and public health issues/problems.
            • Explain the logic and limits of microeconomic theory and tools as applied to public health and health services issues, policies and practices.

            In addition to core courses students take:

            • PH 210 Law and Public Health
            • PH 222 Survey Research Methods or PH 225 Qualitative Tools for Public Health Research and Programs or PH 285 Evaluation Health Programs
            • PH 234 Public Health Economics or PH 235 Public Health Economics II
            • One credit from a concentration-approved list of courses
            • Two and one half credits from an MPH program-approved list of courses

            Pursuing a global health focus within the concentration

            Three semester course schedule

            Concentration Leader
            Amy Lischko, DSc, MSPH