Concentrations allow students to focus around particular content areas as they develop their public health skills.  All MPH and Bachelor's/MPH students must select one of the following concentrations.  Students pursuing the MD, DVM, DMD or JD/MPH take a generalist MPH degree.  Students in the MS-Nutrition/MPH program may select a concentration or take a generalist degree.

  • Behavioral Science and Health Communication
    The Behavioral Science and Health Communication concentration provides students with a solid foundation in the science, theory and practice of effective health promotion and health communication in a population based environment.
  • Epidemiology-Biostatistics
    The Epidemiology/Biostatistics concentration prepares students for collection, analyzing, and interpreting data – critical components of many public health careers.
  • Health Services Management and Policy
    The Health Services Management and Policy concentration is designed for student interested in planning, regulating, financing, organizing or delivering health services.
  • Nutrition
    The Nutrition concentration introduces student to the applied research skills needed in nutrition assessment, program design, and the evaluation of nutrition interventions.

Generalist degree
The generalist degree is for students earning another graduate degree (MD, DVM, DMD, JD, MA, PA or MS-Nutrition) and/or those who have five or more years of practice experience in health and human services.  For all of these students, specialization is less important than choosing course work that is complementary to and allows integration of public health with other disciplines and career goals.  Developing core knowledge in public health is the primary goal, with elective courses varying depending on the student's academic or career path.