MPH Competencies

Core Course Competencies

Summarize quantitative data and compare two samples of data.

Compare and contrast epidemiological designs.

Explain effects of occupational and environmental factors on human health.

Critique the U.S. public health and health care systems regarding their capacity to protect and promote population health.

Select and apply appropriate behavioral and/or environmental theories to inform public health strategies.

Apply basic financial and economic principles to the analysis of health policy and systems.

Analyze and use basic financial and management tools used in organizational and program management.

Field Experience Core Competency

Work effectively and appropriately in an organizational and/or community setting.

Field and Culminating Core Competency

Choose and apply methods to collect data and evidence, and work with stakeholders, in order to inform a public health project.

Culminating Experience Core Competencies

Describe a public health issue utilizing data and evidence, specifying the determinants of that issue and the implications for population health.

Design a population-based project, program, or intervention using planning and evaluation tools to address a public health need.

Analyze and integrate qualitative or quantitative evidence from public health programs and projects.

Draw inferences from public health project data or evidence.