"Students committed to a career in public health  move smoothly from undergraduate to graduate studies, completing two degrees while other graduates are searching for a professional pathway.  Our students leave with great skills and solid practice experience that makes them very competitive in the work world.”  Mark Woodin, DSc

What would my course of study look like if I pursue a combined Bachelor/MPH degree?
Students begin their MPH course of study in either the junior or senior year, depending on when they applied to the program.  Once accepted, dual degree candidates must complete four MPH graduate level courses as undergraduates,  Principles of Epidemiology (CE 154) and three other MPH graduate level courses picked in consultation with the Bachelor/MPH advisor.  Two of the four courses count toward both Bachelor and MPH degrees; the remaining two count only towards the MPH degree.  These second two courses may not count towards any undergraduate requirement.  Thus, during their undergraduate years Bachelor/MPH students must take two courses above the minimum required to obtain their undergraduate degree. Students must also complete a field experience in the area of health and/or human services before matriculating into MPH graduate program.

Completion of the MPH degree requires that students demonstrate a basic competence in public health biology, and it is strongly encouraged that they meet this competence by completing at least one semester of biology as an undergraduate.  Although not required, it is also strongly recommended that students take Community Health 1 or 2.

What are the career opportunities available with an MPH?
The MPH provides entry into several kinds of careers.  Core courses give students foundational knowledge in public health, while concentration requirements and the ALE provide a focus in a particular public health field. Graduates go on to positions in data collection and analysis, program development and/or evaluation for community health projects, research, policy making or creating health communication campaigns.  Public health work is found in all market sectors, with opportunities available in organizations working at the local, national and international level.

What courses will I need to take?
Students must complete all MPH core course requirements:  one course each in the five core knowledge areas as well as one research methods course, one course on health care budgeting and management and the Applied Learning Experience (ALE).  The ALE requires students to synthesize knowledge acquired in coursework and apply it to a public health project of their own design involving at least  160 hours of practicum work.   Remaining course credits are earned through completion of concentration specific requirements and additional electives.  A total of 13 credits, nine of which are earned after completion of the Bachelor degree, are required.

What are the tuition costs for the BA or BS/MPH degree?

Students pay tuition for nine MPH credits during their graduate year. See the tuition table for the current tuition and fee rates.

How do I apply?
Students are encouraged to apply for the Bachelor’s/MPH dual degree program no earlier than their sophomore year, but no later than September 15th of their senior year.  Junior and senior year applicants are urged to seek academic advising as early as possible.  In unusual cases, a later application will be considered.  Students are not required to submit an application fee or GRE scores.

How can I get more information?
For information about the program contact: or  For admissions information visit:  Bachelor/MPH Admissions



      Tips on applying
      Apply Free: Bachelor's/MPH program applicants don't need to pay a fee to apply. To bypass the fee, choose "pay by check" on the application form. You won't need to submit a check or pay any money to apply.


      Transcripts: Please arrange to have your Tufts undergraduate transcripts sent to us.


      "My Tufts degree allowed me to interact with and learn from classmates and professors who are all equally passionate about health but with a range of different interests and expertise."
      Arielle Carpenter
      BA/MPH graduate