Master of Public Health Program

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The Tufts MPH Program is designed to give students a broad, multi-disciplinary view of public health, including providing the knowledge and skills needed for addressing health inequities and implementing change at individual, institutional, community, national, and global levels.  Our MPH degree positions students for a wide range of careers--from working with communities on health issues, conducting research, and managing hospital based programs to to lobbying for policy change and advocating for human rights.

Degree Options

Students may pursue the MPH alone or choose from one of the following options:

Concentration Options

The MPH opens up a world of opportunities for future careers; concentrations within the MPH give students deeper knowledge of specific content areas. Students pursuing the sole MPH degree, the MBS/MPH or the Bachelor’s/MPH degree will select one of the concentrations below. (In certain circumstances some students may be allowed to petition to pursue a generalist program.) Students in the PA/MPH, MA/MPH, JD/MPH, MD/DVM/ or DMD/MPH take a generalist MPH degree. Students pursuing an MS-Nutrition/MPH may elect a generalist program or choose a concentration.

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