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Is there a form to document my direct patient care experience?

There is no standard form used to verify the patient care hours that you must submit. We simply ask that you document your experience on your resume, as well as in the CASPA application, and provide a verification source for each experience that we will utilize to substantiate the hours, position, and responsibilities.

There is a Patient Care document that you will need to complete and upload into CASPA as part of your application. This document will captures the type(s) of hands-on patient care experiences you have performed in your clinical work for the committee to review. 

Additionally, we ask that one of your references come from a supervisor or someone in a supervisory role who can attest to the position and your performance, of a direct patient care experience that you list in your application.

What if the supervisor for my patient care experience does not work directly with me/during my work shifts?

We recommend that a supervisor from your direct patient care experience be one of the references for your application. However, if your supervisor cannot adequately speak to your performance and/or duties, you may instead provide a reference from an individual in a managerial or supervisory role who can better attest to your performance and clinical responsibilities in your direct patient experience (e.g. reference from your shift manager who may work during your shift as opposed to your supervisor who many not work at the same time as you).

Can internship or training hours count towards direct patient care experience?

Internship or training hours that are required for degrees and certifications cannot count towards direct patient care experience. However, other internships that are not tied to any particular degree but are pursued by the student on his/her own may count towards direct patient care experience hours if they meet the requirements.

How recently must I have completed my direct patient care?
Most of your direct patient care must have been completed within the last 5 years.