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Can the general GRE test be taken or is it necessary to submit scores from one of the specific subject tests?

Only the general test is required. There is no current requirement for particular subject tests.

If I have taken the GRE more than once, how are they considered?

For multiple GREs, the scores are averaged in the review process.

How long will it take ETS to send my GRE scores to CASPA?

ETS will send new GRE scores to CASPA up to twice per week. Scores are reported to test takers 10 to 15 days after taking the computer-based GRE revised General Test and may require an additional 3 to 5 days to be sent to your chosen recipients.

Should applicants report test scores on the application?

Applicants are not required to self-report test (GRE, MCAT, or TOEFL). Only official score reports are reviewed for an application.

How do I verify my GRE scores have been sent to the institutions(s) that I designated?

The best way for a student to verify that their scores have been sent is to log into their myGRE account at www.ets.org/mygre and view their scores and score reports that were processed. Applicants should check that their name on their application matches their name entered in ETS. Applicants can also login to their CASPA application account, or the CASPA mobile application portal to check if official test scores have been received.

CASPA has already verified my application but I am retaking the GRE. Will the admissions committee see my new scores?

Yes, you can still submit scores after the application has been verified, but it does not guarantee that the Admissions Committee will see the latest scores. Once your application is verified, it will be sent to the Admissions Committee so if the new scores have not been received before your application reaches the Committee, your application will be reviewed without the new scores. You should email paprogram@tufts.edu to alert them if you submitted scores after your application has been verified.

What if my GRE or MCAT scores were taken over 5 years ago?

If your GRE or MCAT scores are older than 5 years at the time of applying you will need to retake them.   

Is the GRE 5-yr time limit waived if an individual has completed a master's or doctorate degree?

Currently our policy does not include a waiver of the 5-year GRE time period in the presence of a master’s or doctorate degree.