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What component of the application is most heavily weighed upon evaluation?

The application is evaluated in its entirety and all parts are weighed equally.

Is it possible to have a personal meeting with someone in Admissions or the PA Program?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate all of the numerous requests for a personal meeting.  We are more than happy to field any questions you may have over email at paprogram@tufts.edu or by phone at 617-636-0405.

Do I need to have a science major?

No. A science major is not required. All candidates must, however, complete the required prerequisites.  If a candidate does not have a science background then completing the recommended courses would further prepare them for an intensive curriculum.

Degrees completed by currently enrolled students include: Biology, Psychology, History, Neuroscience, Economics, Anthropology, Nuclear Medicine, Fine Arts, Marketing, Biochemistry, Nutrition, Environmental studies, Foreign Languages, and International Affairs. 

Do I need to have received a bachelor's degree before applying?

Yes. All applicants need to have achieved a bachelor’s degree before applying. You must be able to submit a transcript documenting degree conferral at the time of application.

Can I apply if I still need to complete a course prerequisite?

No, all required prerequisites must be completed before the CASPA application is submitted, as all application materials, including confirmation of all academic prerequisite completion as evidenced on a final official transcript(s), must be received by CASPA by July 1st. 

For example, if you are taking a prerequisite course that will be completed at the end of June, you will be ineligible for that admissions cycle because it is highly unlikely that a final official transcript will be received for that course by CASPA by July 1st so your application would be deemed incomplete.

Can I apply if I still need to take the GRE?

An official GRE score report must be received by CASPA by August 1st, so it is important that you take the GRE early enough for this report to be received by CASPA before that date, so we advise that the GRE be taken before an application is submitted. All other required prerequisites must be completed before the CASPA application is submitted, as all application materials must be received by CASPA by July 1st. Please refer to our Admissions Process page for more detailed information.

If I took a course twice because my first grade was a "C" do you use the first grade or the second to calculate GPA?

The Tufts PA program will take an average of the grades from both courses.

What if my GPA is not in the competitive range for applying to the PA program?

Review your science grades and perhaps retaking any deficient (<3.0) courses, or taking higher level courses such as biochemistry, genetics, or advanced A&P to improve your overall science GPA.  The “ideal” candidate will have an overall and science GPA of at least a 3.2. 

What if I studied abroad?
For courses taken during study abroad programs:

You should report study abroad on CASPA if you:

  • Studied via an overseas U.S. institution
  • Studied via another U.S. institution
  • Studied via a study abroad company, directly via your undergrad or any other method

Please click here for directions on properly entering study abroad information in CASPA.

You will need to submit documentation in English (e.g. a transcript) of study abroad coursework ONLY if you took a prerequisite course during study abroad AND if your credits and/or grades for these courses do not appear on your undergraduate transcript.  If you are unable to provide documentation in English, you will need to have a WES evaluation sent to CASPA.

Do you accept reports from credentialing service companies (i.e., World Education Services (WES)?

Yes, Tufts ONLY accepts reports from World Education Services (WES). Reports must be submitted to CASPA.

You must submit a WES evaluation if you have an undergraduate degree from a foreign institution OR you completed a TUSM PA Program prerequisite course abroad that does not show up on your undergraduate transcript.

Can I submit letters of reference from Interfolio as part of my application?

No, all letters of evaluation must be completed via CASPA's online evaluator portal by the evaluator. There is an area that the evaluator needs to complete to rate your skills and then attach the letter of reference. We cannot accept letters of recommendation through Interfolio or other similar services.

Will Tufts hold applications for next year?

No, Tufts will not hold applications for consideration in subsequent admissions cycles, nor for other programs.