Course Descriptions

Geriatrics [PA 230] 0.5 credit (View All)
Students will be introduced to process of aging as it affects the human body and mind.  Atypical presentations of common acute and chronic diseases as they are seen in older populations will be addressed as will the challenges of managing various and concomitant disease states.  Pharmacologic therapy in older patients, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, patient compliance issues, and end-of-life care will be discussed as well.

Diagnostic Imaging [PA 229] 1 credit
Radiologic safety, imaging modalities, indications, contraindications, benefits and risks of use of X-ray diagnosis will be covered.  Assessment of common X-rays used in primary care and emergency medicine will be addressed.  Students will be taught to recognize common radiologic abnormalities.  Other diagnostic tools such as ultrasonography, MRI, CT scanning, and nuclear medicine scans will be introduced.

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